The melting of quartz ingot undergoes solid-liquid phase transition, free-surface, large deformation and other complex flow. Thermal field is the fundamental driving factor during the process. Thus, new method of computing the complex flow and thermal field simultaneously needs to be developed. An integrated method of the finite volume method (FVM) and smoothed particle hydrodynamics (SPH) is proposed to combine the advantages of SPH in the complex flow and FVM in the thermal calculation. The method, a solver conjugate scheme, is implemented through the data exchange between the FVM sub-solver and the SPH sub-solver. The sub-solver of FVM focuses on thermal calculation, and SPH concentrates on complex flow with free-surface and large deformation. The inverse distance weighted (IDW) interpolation and spatial matching are employed to translate data from FVM to SPH and from SPH to FVM separately. The mechanism how the heater temperature affects the thermal field is investigated. The conclusion is that the increasing heater temperature affects the hot zone by raising the sidewalls temperature mainly, thus employing additional heating or cooling ways for controlling the temperature of the sidewalls is an efficient direction to optimize the hot zone design.

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