This study presents the convective heat transfer coefficient of 0.05 wt.% diamond nanofluids containing functionalized nanodiamond dispersed in a base fluid deionized (DI) water flowing in a conduction cold plate under turbulent flow conditions, experimentally. The conduction cold plate was heated via six cartridge heaters with a constant heat transfer rate. The primary experimental study has been implemented to investigate the thermal conductivity of diamond nanofluids which showed a higher effective thermal conductivity than that of the base fluid. In addition, nanofluid was flowed in a closed system with heating at the heat exchanger and cooling via a cooling tank to keep the inlet temperature constant to explore the convection heat transfer properties of diamond nanofluids. Results indicate that the convective heat transfer coefficient and Nusselt number of diamond nanofluid are higher than that of the DI water in a same flow rate, and these properties increased with increase in Reynolds number.

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