The effect of the inclination angle of a delta winglet vortex generator with a length-to-height (c/h) ratio of 2, at 30 degrees with respect to an Reh = 9000 wind, on the resulting flow along a flat plate is quantified in a wind tunnel. The vortical flow characteristics at 13h downstream of the leading edge of the delta winglet are detailed with the help of a triple-hot-wire probe. Specifically, the local velocity, vortex shape, size and strength, turbulence intensity, integral length and Taylor microscale are deduced. The results show that the into-the-plate velocity in the inflow region increases, while the out-of-the-plate velocity in the outflow area decreases, with inclination angle. The 90-degree inclination angle appears to furnish higher values of turbulent intensity, integral length and Taylor microscale.

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