In this work, a central difference finite volume lattice Boltzmann method (CDFV-LBM) is developed to compute 2D inviscid compressible flows on triangular meshes. The numerical solution procedure adopted here for solving the lattice Boltzmann equation is nearly the same as the procedure used by Jameson et al. for the solution of the Euler equations. The integral form of the lattice Boltzmann equation using the Gauss divergence theorem is applied on a triangular cell and the numerical fluxes on each edge of the cell are set to the average of their values at the two adjacent cells. Appropriate numerical dissipation terms are added to the discretized lattice Boltzmann equation to have a stable solution. The Boltzmann equation is discretized in time using the fourth-order Runge-Kutta scheme. The computations are performed for three problems, namely, the isentropic vortex and the supersonic flow around a NACA0012 airfoil and over a circular-arc bump. The effect of changing the grid resolution and the dissipation coefficients on the accuracy of the results is also studied. Results obtained by applying the CDFV-LBM are compared with the available numerical results which show good agreement.

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