This work describes the preliminary design of a lab-scale organic Rankine cycle (ORC) for waste heat recovery based applications. As heat source for the ORC, exhaust gases from an actual internal combustion engine are utilized. The design is primarily carried out accounting for the working fluid path. More specifically, a brief introduction to be subject is initially provided. The details of the ORC preliminary design are discussed next. This includes the selection of the main working fluid, the definition of the ORC plant layout and the design of the main ORC plant components. The specifics of an overall control loop resembling an actual control system that could be used in the designed ORC based plant is also provided. In terms of power output, the results show that up to 1.68 kW can be produced from the waste heat of internal combustion engines like the one accounted for in this work. Compared to the shaft power (25.1 kW) associated with the internal combustion engine providing the heat source, this power output represents about 7%. The preliminary design described here constitutes the first step of a large effort aiming to build, install and test a lab-scale ORC for educational purposes. It is expected that such ORC based plant allows carrying out in future several studies, including the development of different control strategies for maximizing the operational performance of these plants.

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