High voltage plasma-based technologies have the ability to impact multiple fields from medicine to engineering. The goal of the most recent study was to investigate the efficacy of a novel high voltage plasma system to generate oxygen (O2) from carbon dioxide (CO2) through dissociation. The general endothermic plasma-chemical process of CO2 decomposition is presented, with CO2 destruction accompanying production of oxygen (and carbon monoxide) at a mole ratio of 2 to 1. A high voltage plasma reactor was developed for this purpose. SEM analysis was conducted on electrodes used for plasma discharges, to better elucidate characteristics of the plasma. CO2 gas samples were analyzed using an FTIR spectrometer. Baseline scans were taken of CO2 inside the reactor before plasma power was turned on; subsequent scans were taken after 10 min of plasma treatment. Results of FTIR analysis presented here have indicated a 30% decrease in CO2 concentration upon application of the developed plasma reactor. This paper reports on various aspects of the instrumented high voltage plasma reactor; and experimental results which further explore the capability to decrease CO2 concentrations in various environments, while also generating O2.

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