The work presented here investigates a unique design platform for multi-stable energy harvesting using only interaction between magnets. A solid cylindrical magnet is levitated between two stationary magnets. Peripheral magnets are positioned around the casing of the energy harvester to create multiple stable positions. Upon external vibration, kinetic energy is converted into electric energy that is extracted using a coil wrapped around the casing of the harvester. A prototype of the multi-stable energy harvester is fabricated. Monostable and bistable configurations are demonstrated and fully characterized in static and dynamic modes. Compared to traditional multi-stable designs the harvester introduced in this work is compact, occupies less volume, and does not require complex circuitry normally needed for multi-stable harvesters involving piezoelectric elements. At 2.5g [m/s2], results from experiment show that the bistable harvester does not outperform the monostable harvester. At this level of acceleration, the bistable harvester exhibits intrawell motion away from jump frequency. Chaotic motion is observed in the bistable harvester when excited close to jump frequency. Interwell motion that yields high displacement amplitudes and velocities is absent at this acceleration.

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