In this paper, the effect of absorption of antigens to the functionalized surface of a biosensor is modeled using a single degree-of-freedom mass-spring-damper system. The change in the mass of the system due to absorption is modeled with an exponential function. The governing equations of motion is derived considering the change in the mass of the system as well as the impact force due to absorption. It has been demonstrated that this equation is a linear second-order ordinary differential equation with time-varying coefficients. The solution of this differential equation is approximated by expanding the exponential function with a Taylor series and applying the method of multiple scales. The advantage of using the method of multiple scales to derive an approximate solution is in the insight it provides on the effect of each parameter on the response of the system. The free vibration response of the biosensor is derived using the approximate solution under different conditions, namely, with and without viscous damping, with and without considering the impact force, and for different binding rates.

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