Flexure based micro or nano positioning systems are among the most widely used positioning systems in micro or nano engineering domain. More often, piezoelectric actuators (PZTs) or voice coil actuators are used for the actuation of such highly precise flexure based positioning systems. However, the range of motion or stroke of these actuators is limited. Previous literature shows the use of various displacement amplifying compliant mechanisms (DACMs) to address this problem. This paper proposes a novel approach of dynamic displacement amplification using the compliant mechanism (DDACM). The well-known vibration absorber effect is observed and employed to amplify the displacement (rather than for suppressing vibrations) of output mass as compared to intermediate mass using double parallelogram compliant mechanism. Different amplification ratios can be obtained by tuning the frequency of excitation. We, further propose a nonlinear model that effectively captures the resulting behaviour of DDACM. Simulation results with the proposed model are validated with corresponding experimental results on DDACM within the accuracy of 10%.

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