Compliant mechanisms are highly preferred in applications demanding motion with high precision. These mechanisms provide friction-less, backlash-free precise motion obtained through deformation of flexible members. The double parallelogram compliant mechanism (DPCM) is one the most important compliant mechanisms to obtain highly precise straight-line motion. DPCM when operated in horizontal plane yield high precision straight-line motion (even with large deformations) useful in several engineering applications. However, constraints such as space, dead loads, etc. may demand DPCMs to be used in the vertical plane. For DPCMs operating in a vertical plane, the axial load due to gravity causes tension and compression in flexible beams which get coupled to bending under large deformations. This ultimately affects the parasitic error of straight-line motion. This paper presents a coupled analysis, along with experimental validation, of DPCM operating in vertical plane considering gravity effects with large deformation.

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