The simultaneous optimum design for structural and control systems is very important to realize better performance, short lead time and low cost in the development of product. Previous researches on the simultaneous optimum design of these systems are mainly based on mathematical optimization or coupled computation by CAE which are based on point-based iterative calculation. On the other hand, it is general and essential that the required performances and the influence factors for them have some kinds of uncertainty especially in the initial design stage of structural design and uncertainty arising from the difference of real structural (mechanical) and mathematical models in the control system. In this research, for the expression of uncertainty, we use set-based method rather than point-based for processing these uncertainties. Also, generally, the design of the system has often multi-performances, whether structural system or control system. Then, how effective the set-based design method is to solve the simultaneous design problem is investigated, using simple examples of classical control and modern control. As a result, it is found that the applicability of the set-based design method is shown.

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