For aircraft, Airport facilities are indispensable infrastructure. Looking at the arrival and departure capabilities of Haneda / Narita airport which is said to be a crowded airport in japan, in 1992, Haneda Airport got 210,000 a year (40 departures / hours at departure and arrival), Haneda airport reached 130,000 a year, Totaling 340,000 times in total. In 2004 (2014), Haneda Airport had 447 thousand times and Narita airport had 300 thousand times, a total of 747 thousand times, showing more than doubling(1). Business opportunities of the air craft industry are expanding due to due to the start of sharing of Haneda’s new runway and new international passenger terminal. The development of modern IT promotes convenient air development of computers is greatly related to the transition from the Boeing 747 which was the theme this time to Boeing 777 promptly. I decided to investigate the fact that cooperation customers is changing in Boeing 747 and Boing 777.

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