To clarify the deformation induced crystal texture evolution of rolled and drawn magnesium alloy sheets with strong basal texture, we developed a multi-scale finite element (FE) analysis code based on the homogenization theory, which combines the microscopic poly-crystal structure and the macroscopic continuum.

In our crystal plasticity constitutive equation of magnesium alloys, the plastic work induced temperature rise and twinning in the crystal slip systems was implemented into our multi-scale FE analysis code. To validate our numerical code to correctly predict macro and micro deformations including the crystal texture evolution, the tension and compression along normal direction (ND) and rolling direction (RD) at the room temperature 300K and the high temperature 673K were numerically investigated.

It is confirmed that numerical results showed the similar tendency to experimentally obtained results including the strengthening the basal texuture in compression along ND, the twinning, the polarity of twinning and the temperature-dependency that twinning is hardly appear at high temperature. Finaly, we concluded that our numerical code can predict the plastic strain induced texture evolution of magnesium alloys.

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