API rated flanges [1] are used in oil and gas industries frequently. The current practice is to select a flange and its seal/gasket from a tabulated range of load and area of application. Some applications may require a unique flange or seal for a pressure and temperature that is not listed on the table. To design such non-API flange (geometry such as thickness, number of bolts, bolts pattern, etc. are different from API flange) that meets system requirements is a challenge. Currently there is no standard available as per authors knowledge to design non-API flange. Therefore, in this study, a finite element analysis with new acceptance criterion for the 5”-15-ksi non-API flange connection for different pressure and temperature has been performed. Elastic-plastic finite element analysis method is used to check the leak tightness [2]. A fatigue calculation based on elastic-plastic analysis with twice yield method as per ASME Section VIII, Division 2 [3], sec. 5.5.4, has also been performed.

A new acceptance criterion based on industry practices are used for leak tightness. The contact pressure and contact pressure band width are used to check the leak tightness. The results showed that for all load cases seals have enough contact pressure and contact pressure band width to prevent leakage and they meet the acceptance criteria. The calculated fatigue life was found more than the required life for an application.

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