Most of the industrial systems including the heat transfer equipment encounter with off-design conditions during their life cycles. Performance study for the off-design conditions is an important part of every industrial system which ensures the safety and efficiency of the systems for the various range of operating conditions. In this study numerical simulation of the shell and tube Transport Membrane Condenser (TMC) heat exchangers have been conducted for their off-design operating conditions. The shell and tube TMC heat exchangers have been manufactured by Gas Technology Institute (GTI) for heat and water recovery from high pressure and high water vapor content flow streams. Using a single-phase multi-component model and appropriate User Defined functions (UDFs) in the commercial software ANSYS-FLUENT software the condensation rate, heat and mass transfer inside the heat exchangers have been modeled. Finally, the performance of the shell and tube TMC heat exchangers for different inlet conditions of the cooling water and flue-gas streams has been investigated.

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