New experimental data are provided for full-coverage effusion cooling and impingement array cooling, as applied simultaneously onto the respective external and internal surfaces of a single instrumented test plate. For the effusion cooled surface, presented are spatially-resolved distributions of surface adiabatic film cooling effectiveness, and surface heat transfer coefficients. For the impingement cooled surface, presented are spatially-resolved distributions of surface Nusselt numbers. Impingement jet arrays at different jet Reynolds numbers, from 7930 to 18000, are employed. Experimental data are given for spanwise and streamwise impingement hole spacing such that coolant jet hole centerlines are located midway between individual effusion hole entrances. For the effusion cooling, streamwise hole spacing and spanwise hole spacing (normalized by effusion hole diameter) are 15 and 4, respectively. Effusion hole angle is 25 degrees, and effusion plate thickness is 3.0 effusion hole diameters. In regard to the impingement cooled cold-side surface of the effusion plate, associated surface Nusselt number variations provide evidence that impingement jets are turned and re-directed as they cross the impingement passage, just prior to the entrance of coolant into individual effusion holes. In regard to the effusion cooled hot-side surface of the effusion plate, when compared at particular values of injectant and mainstream Reynolds numbers, streamwise location x/de and blowing ratio BR, significantly increased thermal protection is provided when the effusion coolant is provided by an array of impingement cooling jets (compared to a cross flow channel supply arrangement).

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