Film cooling behavior of a single cylindrical hole inclined at an angle of 35° with respect to a flat surface is numerically predicted in this study. Adiabatic film cooling effectiveness has been presented to evaluate the influence of the scoop placed on the coolant entry side. The effect of blowing ratio (0.65, 1, 1.5 and 2) and the length-to-diameter ratio (1.7 and 4.4) are examined. Three-dimensional Reynolds-averaged Navier-Stokes analysis with SST turbulence model is used for the computations. It has been found that both centerline and laterally averaged adiabatic film cooling effectiveness are enhanced by the scoop and the enhancement increases with the blowing ratio in the investigated range of variables. The scoop was more effective for the higher length-to-diameter ratio cases (L/D = 4.4) because of better velocity distribution at the film hole exit, which makes coolant reattach at a more upstream location after blowing off from the wall.

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