In the electric arc furnace (EAF) process, post-combustion (PC) technology is applied to utilize the chemical energy in the CO and H2 evolving off of the steel bath through the injection of oxygen. PC technology also improves productivity and helps to optimize the benefits of oxygen and fuel injection. In order to obtain insight on the characteristics of PC inside an electric-arc furnace, a computational fluid dynamics (CFD) model was developed to investigate the combustion characteristics in the EAF with a flat bath assumption. The natural gas is used in EAF operation process, however, the natural gas combustion is not included in this CFD model to simplify the model towards examining the effect of CO post-combustion. The eddy-dissipation (ED) was employed to model the combustion reactions. The CFD model was validated with literature on the flow velocity and temperature profiles. The effects of CO post-combustion and the oxygen mass flow rate on the furnace heat transfer efficiency in the EAF were studied.

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