A three-dimensional Computational Fluid Dynamics - CFD simulation is conducted on a Stirling engine. The temperature in the engine spaces and the temperature profile along the regenerator are graphically presented, along with the density and the gas flow patterns in selected parts of the engine. The maximum value of pressure drop is slightly more than 6% of the mean engine pressure at the same instance. The maximum loss due to pressure drop is equal to 5 kW.

In addition, the CFD results are compared to those coming from a one-dimensional model. The comparison includes data regarding the pressure of the gas during the engine cycle, the gas mass flow-rate in all the engine spaces, the respective points of flow reversal and the gas pressure drop.

Finally, the net work output and efficiency of the engine are calculated. The net work output of the engine is equal to 6.7 kW and the engine’s efficiency is equal to 51%. The possible sources of further losses are discussed.

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