Ability to engage in lifelong learning requires the individuals to possess self-directed learning skills. ABET student outcome 3.i states that upon graduation a student should be able to demonstrate “a recognition of the need for, and an ability to engage in lifelong learning”. The challenge is in instilling these skills to students in traditional learning environments. In an effort to overcome this challenge, educators developed and implemented various approaches; one being the flipped classroom approach. One challenge when conducting research for self-directed learning environment in flipped classrooms is the challenge of finding relevant papers using keywords search. Terms, such as “flipped classroom” and “self-directed learning” may be included in relevant papers but not necessarily together. And searching these keywords separately will yield results that might have overlapping papers. This paper presents a unique URL-based literature search to identify the publications in the areas of self-directed learning in flipped classrooms by improving keyword-based literature search. It is followed by a title text analysis that will be used to identify the most common discussed topics in the database search results. In addition, an overview of how these methodologies can help the researchers identify the most relevant publications in the research area is presented. Challenges, observations and outcomes of both search methods are explained and analysis plots are presented.

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