Cylindrical shells are widely used engineering structures, such as pipelines, tubes, submarine shells, etc. The active vibration control of these structures are important methods for ensuring their performance. In this paper, a fuzzy logic controller was proposed for the active vibration control of cylindrical shells. Piezoelectric actuators were laminated on the shell surface for the generation of control force. Then, the mathematical model of the model control force were given based the inverse piezoelectric effects and modal summation method. The transfer equation of the controlled system was derived from the modal equation. The fuzzy logic controller was then designed, in which the centroid method was used for defuzification. The proposed controller was then implemented in Matlab/Simulink environment, followed by case studies to evaluate its performance. Numerical results shown the effectiveness of fuzzy logic controller on active vibration of smart cylindrical shells. For all evaluated cases, more than 33% of amplitude reduction were achieved.

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