We focused on vibration characteristics of reciprocating compressors and constructed the mathematical model to calculate the natural frequencies and modes for crank angles and proposed a method to estimate the degree and the suspicious portion of failure by difference of temporal parameter values obtained using measuring data in operation and the mathematical model. In this paper, according to the proposed method, a case study is carried out using the field data, where the data were acquired before and after the failures occurred in the connecting parts of connecting rod, to prospect the difference between each parameter value for two operating states. Inspecting resonant characteristics each in the frequency response data relating to the natural frequencies for bending modes of the piston rod, we determined two resonant frequencies, which could correspond to the 1st and 2nd mode about bending of the piston rod. To equate the calculated each natural frequency from eigen value analysis based on the proposed model with each resonant frequency, we define the error function for the identified problem, namely optimum problem. In the identified results, it is found that some parameter values have much difference and the corresponding failure could occur around the connecting rod. We could show the possibility to detect both the change of the parameter values and the deterioration parts for two different kinds of the operating states by our proposed method.

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