The fluid-elastic instability of hanging cantilevered pipes subject to internal and external flows is studied. Flow-induced vibrations cause these flexible tubular cantilevers to experience dynamic divergence (flutter) as well as static divergence (buckling) at high enough flow velocities. Specifically, the system studied consists of a flexible tubular hanging cantilever, which hangs concentrically within an outer rigid tube. Fluid flows internally from the clamped end of the cantilever to the free end and flows in the opposite direction in the annular region between the cantilever and the outer tube. For the system investigated, flow discharges radially from the free-end of the cantilever through the use of an end-piece. A linear model is derived in which series solutions are employed using Euler-Bernoulli beam comparison functions and is compared with experimental results. The effects of end-piece mass, confinement, pipe length, and comparisons between radial and axial flow have also been studied.

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