Unlike x-ray, ultrasound imaging (USI) uses nonionizing acoustic radiation to detect tumors in various body organs, including breast. In the reconstructed images, a radiologist can distinguish between a tumor and a non-malignant cyst, which is highly valuable in making true-positive diagnoses. However, clinical data shows that the addition of ultrasound to mammography, as a separate but auxiliary imaging tool, can increase the false-positive rates [1]. Nonetheless, in a co-registered manner, when an ultrasound image is used as prior information for another breast imaging modality, USI has the potential to make diagnosis more accurate. Previously, we presented the early results of a near-field radar imaging (NRI) system, developed as an add-on unit to the Digital Breast Tomosynthesis to enhance its low radiological contrast. In this work, the early results of a bimodal, USI-NRI, imaging system is presented by adding an ultrasound sensor to our previous system. A simple experimental configuration was utilized for the purpose of proving the concept. The initial results of this study can open the way for safer (in terms of radiation) and more accurate breast imaging in future.

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