Electrospinning is a versatile technique to produce nano/micro fibers with controlled morphology in terms of fiber diameter, alignment etc. With multiple configurations including single axial, co-axial, tri-axial, and co-spinning, this method enables researchers to produce electrospun (ES) fibers with bioactive molecules encapsulated in order to mimic the extracellular matrix for tissue engineering applications. It is of great interest to understand and control the release rate of the bioactive molecules to examine the effects of bioactive molecules such as growth factors on cells. We developed a stochastic simulation method based on the Fick’s diffusion equation to model the diffusive behaviors of macromolecules encapsulated in electrospun fibers. This paper presents a detailed parametric study including 1) the effects of inherent random variation within the samples such as distribution of diameters, initial concentration, diffusion constants, and 2) the effects of volume of release medium. MATHEMATICA is used to carry out the simulations. The computed results are compared with experimental data in the literature.

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