We have been investigating how to use microorganisms for bio-micromachines. In this paper, we investigated the motion control property of Paramecium in the vertical plane to prepare the real 3-dimensional motion control. First, we developed a motion control pool for the vertical set up. Basically, the controllability of Paramecium in the vertical plane is not so different to the controllability in the horizontal plane. We can control paramecium very stably for over 100 laps along the star-shaped target route by using this newly made experimental pool. The controllability was improved with the progression of making a circuit. It may relate to the dropping of the swimming speed. The swimming trace, however, showed the peculiarity that related to the vertical movements. The swimming speed of the downward direction is higher than that of the upward direction. The overrun on the downward route was larger than that on the upward route in the vertical plane. It was caused by the difference of the swimming speed on each of routes. Therefore, we developed a new motion control algorithm to decrease this overrun. In our former algorithm, the change timing of the target point was decided by the previous change timing and the previous turning point. In the new algorithm, we change this adjusting method to refer the same target point of the past laps using smoothing value calculated by the integral of the equal ratio attenuation. By using this adjustment method, we succeeded to decrease the overrun. We also investigated the transportability of the object by using motion controlled paramecium in the vertical pool. We found that paramecia often cause their avoiding reaction when they hit object made of hard material. In the case of the object made of soft material, paramecia can push more often and more easily. Therefore, we decided to change the target object from hard plastic to soft gel. We succeeded to transport and drop a gel oval sphere to the target place by manually controlled paramecium in the vertical plane pool.

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