Volatile markets, tough customer expectations, and short product life cycles are just some of the challenges the automotive industry has to deal with. In this context, important quality features are expressed as key product characteristics (KPC). The process of defining and reviewing such KPCs concerns each department of an automobile company.

This paper presents a method for an intersubjective problem understanding of inter-divisional working groups and a common product KPC’s definition. The scientific contribution lies in the field of quality assessment for the premium-segment automotive industry, while the novelty can be found in providing the opportunity to take quality decisions based on variation simulations and on high-end-visualizations. The proposed method aims to realize and implement a higher premium quality standard and, at the same time, to reduce the number of physical prototypes, to shorten development times and to facilitate an intersubjective problem understanding. In relation to the developed method, an industrial application and its results are presented.

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