Sheet forming of tailor welded blanks (TWBs) of advanced high strength steels is complex because of the notable differences in mechanical properties, and hence in formability, of base metals, heat affected zones and weld seam. In this work, an accurate characterization of the mechanical behavior of these regions in TWBs made of a DP and TRIP steel was carried out. Micro-samples, machined from base metals and fusion zone were employed to retrieve the local constitutive laws up to fracture. At the same time, macro-samples, extracted throughout the welded joint were tested to assess the weldment overall behavior. Along with global load-displacement data, strain and displacement fields of the joint were evaluated, using a Digital Image Correlation technique. An FE simulation of the entire joint was setup, using the previously identified material properties. In a comparison between the FE model and experiments, good results were obtained both at a global and local level, up to fracture.

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