The crankshaft is a key part moving in the internal combustion engine. It converts the reciprocating piston movement into rotary motion. It is exposed to different forces resulted from the pistons pressures, friction, bending stresses and others. The paper concentrates on protecting the crankshaft journals from the direct impact of the piston pressure and other forces. It presents a familiar new modular product design. From this concept, work has done on the additional of the so-called ‘load bearing’ (two halves of a highly finished surfaces sleeve) embedded within the crankshaft journal. The proposed load bearing isolates the crankshaft journal and takes the place in the contact with other rotary components. This is an experimental research because of the presence of an extensive variety of models and uses of crankshafts. A prototype of the new solution was made and implemented on a single piston four stroke internal combustion engine and put in operation for 250 hrs. A precise examination and analyses of parameters in contrast with conventional crankshaft was done for verification and validation.

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