The RPM-Synchronous Grinding process offers new possibilities to generate defined macro- and micro-geometries on workpieces. With present technology, various macroscopic non-circular geometries must be grinded subsequently in an oscillating process where the X-axis is coupled with the rotary workpiece-spindle axis. Such workpieces can be machined in an ordinary plunge grinding process by implementing the approach of RPM-Synchronous Non-Circular Grinding. Therefore, the workpiece and the grinding wheel rotational rates are in a fixed ratio. A non-circular grinding wheel is used to transfer its geometry onto the workpiece. The authors use a unique machine tool for basic research and control concept development for RPM-Synchronous Grinding (RSG). The machine was especially designed for this RSG technology. Highest revolution rates on the workpiece spindle are mandatory for its success. The grinding approach is performed in a two-step process. For roughing, a highly porous vitrified bonded grinding wheel with medium grain size is used. It ensures high specific material removal rates for producing the non-circular geometry on the workpiece efficiently. A control algorithm adapts this process step, which uses acquired data from a piezoelectric three-component force sensor fixed at the tailstock-side of the grinding machine. For finishing, a grinding wheel with fine grain size is suited. This process step is tuned by a digital process adaption strategy. Roughing and finishing are performed consecutively among the same clamping of the workpiece with two locally separated grinding spindles.

With the presented control and adaption concepts for RPM-Synchronous Grinding, a significant increase in surface quality on the workpiece is attained. The minimization of grinding wheel wear results concurrently. Especially the automotive industry shows big interest in RPM-Synchronous Non-Circular Grinding. This emerging trend in finishing machining opens up various fields of application.

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