Magnesium injection is a suitable approach for replenishment of its ions (Mg++) during neural or tissue injury and stroke to avoids risks associated with abnormally low level of Mg++ in blood. In this study, alginate encapsulated magnesium sulfate microbeads were fabricated by the electrospraying technique for Mg++ delivery. Microbeads were evaluated for particle size and surface morphology using inverted optical microscopy and scanning electron microscopy (SEM) respectively. Average particle size of 200–500 μm for hydrated and 50–200 μm for dry beads were observed. An in vitro release study of Mg++ was performed; revealing a cumulative release of ∼50% within first 24 h. This strategy can potentially be useful for the targeted local delivery of magnesium at required concentrations and subsequently enhance the therapeutic efficacy of magnesium in treating tissue injury or stroke.

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