In an associated work [9], a low-ratio Epicyclic drive is developed that resembles a Planetary drive but has crank-shaft pinions, an additional carrier replacing its ring gear, and half the reduction ratio of a similarly sized Planetary drive. Adding couplings that reverse the sun and planet engagement, further reduces the ratio below unity. Interchanging the roles of the input and output shafts results in high reduction ratios similar to a Cycloid drive. Like a Cycloid drive, it has co-axial drive shafts and a reduction ratio that depends on the difference between gear pitch diameters. Unlike a Cycloid drive, the drive shafts spin in a common direction, torque is split between multiple co-planar transmission paths, and no ring gears are required. It has many optional configurations, none of which slip or jam, and is a viable option for speed reduction applications that require low cost and complexity in a compact package.

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