ISO and AGMA Standards are the most commonly used accurate approaches while designing a gear. But the most important gear design outputs that are module (m) and face width (b) are obtained from both of the approaches always differ from each other even under the same input parameters. Therefore, gear designers require detailed knowledge on the relative comparison of design outputs including cost. And a translation technique using conversion factors in between the standards are demanded as a stated need in the literature. Hence, this paper firstly obtains dimensionless gear rating numbers (GRi) to rate the design results of spur gears determined from both ISO 6336 and ANSI/AGMA 2101-D04 Standards, and then derives correlation equations to generate dimensionless conversion factors (CFs) to convert the design results obtained from ISO to AGMA. The CFs allow designers to move from one standard to another very easily. This enables engineering students and designers to meet the ever changing needs of global market.

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