This paper concerns with the quasi static linear theory of thermoelasticity for triple porosity materials. The system of governing equations based on the equilibrium equations, conservation of fluid mass, the constitutive equations, Darcy’s law for materials with triple porosity and Fourier’s law of heat conduction. The cross-coupled terms are included in the equations of conservation of mass for the fluids of the three levels of porosity (macro-, meso- and micropores) and in the Darcy’s law for materials with triple porosity. The system of general governing equations is expressed in terms of the displacement vector field, the pressures in the three pore systems and the temperature. The basic internal and external boundary value problems (BVPs) are formulated and on the basis of Green’s identities the uniqueness theorems for the regular (classical) solutions of the BVPs are proved. The surface (single-layer and double-layer) and volume potentials are constructed and their basic properties are established. Finally, the existence theorems for classical solutions of the BVPs are proved by means of the potential method and the theory of singular integral equations.

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