Vehicle wheel fastening bolts bear large load and load condition are very complex. Especially for commercial vehicles, it is common that loosening, broken and other failure situations occur on the wheel bolts during its running which has harmful effects on the safety of driving. However, at present, the parameters of wheel bolt like PCD, the number of bolts and so on are selected according to industry standards based on experience only. There are a few of literatures concerned with the calculation of the strength check of the wheel bolts, also there are still some gaps between existing related literatures and real situation. So it is necessary to carry out the specific stress analysis and make sure the selection is reasonable and also make sure that bolt strength meets the requirements when determining parameters of the bolts. In this paper, a specific force analysis method is carried out under six typical working conditions containing full load static condition, accelerating condition, braking condition, turning condition, rolling condition and impact condition. The force analysis method proposed in this paper is applied to a kind of commercial vehicle, which provides a theoretical basis for the determination of the parameters.

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