Non-isothermal suddenly expanding annular pipe flows of a shear-thinning non-Newtonian fluid are numerically studied within the steady laminar flow regime. The power-law constitutive equation is used to model the shear-thinning rheology of interest. A parametric study is performed to reveal the influence of annular-nozzle-diameter-ratio, k, power-law index, n, and Prandtl numbers over the following range of parameters: k = {0, 0.5}; n = {1, 0.6}; and Pr = {1, 10, 100}. Heat transfer enhancement, i.e., wall heat transfer rates higher than the fully developed ones downstream of the expansion plane, is observed only for Pr = 10 and 100. In the case of Pr = 1, wall heat transfer rates monotonically increase to the fully developed value. Higher Pr, k, and n values, in general, result in more significant heat transfer enhancement downstream of the expansion plane. Further, shear-thinning non-Newtonian flows display two local peak wall heat transfer rates, in comparison with only one peak value in the case of Newtonian flows.

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