A numerical study of natural convective heat transfer from an upward facing, heated horizontal isothermal surface imbedded in a large flat adiabatic surface has been undertaken. On the heated surface is a series of triangular shaped waves. Laminar, transitional, and turbulent flow conditions have been considered. The flow has been assumed to be two-dimensional and steady. The fluid properties have been assumed constant except for the density change with temperature giving rise to the buoyancy forces. This was with treated using the Boussinesq approach. The numerical solution has been obtained using the commercial CFD solver ANSYS FLUENT©. The k-epsilon turbulence model with full account being taken of buoyancy force effects has been employed. The heat transfer rate from the heated surface expressed in terms of a Nusselt number is dependent on the Rayleigh number, the number of waves, the height of the waves relative to the width of the heated surface, and the Prandtl number. This study obtained results for a Prandtl number of 0.74 which is effectively the value for air. An investigation of the effect of the Rayleigh number, the dimensionless height of the surface waves, and the number of surface waves on the Nusselt number has been undertaken.

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