Measurements of 6-DOF aerodynamic loads on bluff bodies using the continuous rotation method are summarized. New results are presented on two rectangular prisms and on three practical shapes — an Engine Canister model, a Ribbon Bridge model, and a model of a standardized aerodynamic container to carry automobiles. Efforts are described, to relate the aerodynamic loads on the practical shapes, to weighted combinations of aerodynamic loads on interpolated canonical shapes. The Engine Canister aerodynamic loads are obtained to good approximation from those on an interpolated cylinder of aspect ratio 1.9. Likewise, the Ribbon Bridge aerodynamic loads are approximated from loads on rectangular prisms and circular cylinders. An attempt is made to predict the load variation on a rectangular prism, from those measured on a prism 1/3 as long using topological arguments; this attempt shows the large interaction effects on such a shape.

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