Multi-mode vibration control using single actuator and single sensor is considered as a difficult control scheme. Most researchers use multi actuators and multi controllers to control multimode structural vibrations. In the present work, a multi-mode control model consists of a single actuator and single sensor, both attached at the top of simply supported thin plate, is developed. A piezoelectric actuator is used and it is assumed to be perfectly bonded to the plate, which means the bonding thickness is neglected. The sensed accelerometer signal is integrated and then filtered to include only the first and the second vibration modes. The linear equations of motion of the plate are derived and discretized using Galerkin’s Method. The resulting coupled equations are combined with velocity delay feedback controller to reduce the structure vibration. Genetic Algorithm is then used to optimize controller parameters using the root mean square of the input signal as an objective function. The results showed that the use of single-input single-output (SISO) delay feedback multimode controller can efficiently be used on any structure to control multimode systems.

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