A general methodology for motion error and motion reliability analysis of planar parallel manipulators (PPMs) with random and interval variables is presented. The inherent uncertainties of the manipulator, including tolerances in manufactures, errors in inputs as well as joint clearances are taken into account. The error model of a 3-RRR parallel manipulator is built and the global sensitivity coefficients of motion errors to variations are defined and obtained. The joint clearances are treated as interval variables while the others are treated as random variables. As a result, the motion error of the manipulator could turn out to be the mixture of a random variable and an interval variable. A new motion reliability analysis method based on the First Order Second Moment (FOSM) method and the Monte Carlo simulation (MCS) method is developed for the manipulator with random and interval variables. This paper provides a new idea to better understand the motion reliability affected by the inherent uncertainties of PPMs.

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