Crankshafts, connecting rods, gears and forks are basic components made by the forging machine. According to statistics data, more than 60% of the automotive components in weight are produced by forging, more than 80% of which are manufactured by hot forging. With the development of the automobile industry and the increase of market competition, the forging production of automotive components is becoming more complex, sophisticated and efficient. Moreover, in order to reduce the labor costs and improve the efficiency, flexibility, automation and intelligence of the forging equipment and process, research and development of the hot forging intelligent production system will be inevitable. Based on this background, an intelligent production system of a typical hot forging for automotive components is introduced in this paper. It includes the intelligent high precision hot die forging press, intelligent transport devices, the intelligent control system, the operation management system and intelligent interfaces. Moreover, it also can be linked into the smart factory of industrial 4.0. This intelligent system has been developed and been used for the production of the third generation hub bearing, which has shown that the production efficiency is improved and the labor costs are reduced.

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