Permanent magnet synchronous motors are essential components in a wide range of applications in which their unique benefits are explored. However, in order for a permanent magnet synchronous motor to achieve satisfactory performance, particular control frameworks are essential. After all, permanent magnet synchronous motor is an AC machine, which is characterized by its complex structure and strongly coupled system states. Therefore, in order for it to achieve satisfactory dynamic performance, advanced control techniques are the only solution. This paper presents a precise speed control of permanent magnet synchronous motors using the nonlinear time-frequency control concept. The novel aspect of this nonlinear time-frequency control, which is an integration of discrete wavelet transformation and adaptive control, is its ability in analyzing the fundamental temporal and spectral qualities inherent of a permanent magnet synchronous motor and exerting control signals accordingly. Simulation results verifies that the proposed nonlinear time-frequency control scheme is feasible for alleviating the nonlinear behavior of the permanent magnet synchronous motor which hampers the tracking of speed with desired precision.

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