This paper presents application of a new method to solve 3D Dynamics problems. Briefly: 1. The method uses the special orthogonal group, SO(3), and the special Euclidean group, SE(3), of the Lie Algebra. 2. The method uses Cartan’s Moving Frames 3. The method uses a new notation developed in the discipline of Geometrical Physics.

The method makes 3D Dynamics easier than 2D. It offers a more efficient way to model dynamics of rigid bodies and a new approach to linked mechanisms. The new method is founded on rigorous math and avoids the historical ambiguities that accompany traditional methods (such as the vector cross product that produces pseudo-vectors). It is easily learned with the simple mathematical tools of matrix multiplication and second semester calculus. We plan to apply the method to two different 3D dynamics problems: 1. Holonomic and 2. Non-holonomic. The solutions using the new method will be compared to the traditional method in Dynamics.

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