The manufacturing of the large car dashboard is different from other manufacturing process for its special structure in the automotive interior field. Hole position, shape, size and distribution of the different types of large car dashboard are not in same, which make the manufacturing process more difficult and result in poor efficiency. Multi-robot machining units are introduced by enterprise to improve working efficiency and shorten the working time. In this paper, taking a typical automobile car dashboard as the processing object, the layout optimization problem of dual robot machining center for large car dashboard is studied to obtain the largest space coincidence rate of two robots and the shortest processing time. First, a dual-robot machining center for large dashboard is established. Then a genetic algorithm and an improved ant colony algorithm are used to obtain the largest space coincidence rate and the shortest cycle time. At last, the coincidence of the robot working space and the processing cycle are compared in this paper. Compared with the company’s existing working state, the coincidence working space rate has being increased by 14.6 percent, and the cycle time has being reducing by 1.2min, which demonstrates the effectiveness and feasibility of the method.

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