In this paper, the active-disturbance-rejection control (ADRC) is applied to realize the high-precision tracking control of CNC machine tool feed drives. First, according to the number of the feedback channel, the feed systems are divided into two types: signal-feedback system, e.g., linear motor and rotary table, and double-feedback system, e.g., ball screw feed drive with a load/table position feedback. Then, the appropriate controller is designed to ensure the closed-loop control performance of each type of system based on the idea of ADRC. In these control frameworks, the extended state observers (ESO) estimate and compensate for unmodeled dynamics, parameter perturbations, variable cutting load, and other uncertainties. For the signal-feedback system, the modified ADRC with an acceleration feedforward term is used directly to regulate the load/table position response. However, for the double-feedback system, the ADRC is applied only to the motor position control, and a simple PI controller is used to achieve the accurate position control of the load. In addition, based on ADRC feedback linearization, a novel equivalent-error-model based feedforward controller is designed to further improve the command following performance of the double-feedback system. The experimental results demonstrate that the proposed controllers of both systems have better tracking performance and robustness against the external disturbance compared with the conventional P-PI controller.

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