Various mechanical effects occur in the human skin when it touches the texture which has micrometric scale. Since these mechanical effects in the skin are complicated, their study is necessary. The purpose of this study is to ascertain these mechanical effects by applying numerical analyses for a detailed discussion. In particular, the analysis confirms the differential effects in the skin due to a periodic variation of the texture. By the modeling situation that the texture touches the skin, a stress in the position of skin sensory organs is examined. As a result of the analysis, von Mises stresses at a shallow position of skin showed characteristic effects in the case of a large texture period. It is inferred that these effects occur with a texture period greater than a certain boundary value. Stress values at deep positions of skin are substantially equal without depending on the pressure position of the skin surface. In other words, skin sensory organs of the deep position have a wide receptive field in the numerical analysis of this paper, and this result matches with results of previous researches.

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