In this work, investigation into a two-stage hybrid and integrated incremental sheet metal processing of EDD sheet has been carried out. EDD steel was chosen for its excellent formability. The hybrid process consists of two stages, the first stage is the conventional spinning process and the second stage is the asymmetric incremental sheet metal forming (AISF) process. The objectives of the proposed hybrid process are reduction of manufacturing time and improved surface finish, in comparison to AISF process alone. In the proposed hybrid process, the geometry of sheet metal part was sub-divided into two groups of features. The first group of axisymmetric features was obtained by spinning process, on top of which, in the second stage, the second group of asymmetric features was superimposed by AISF process. The hybrid process for studying the manufacturing time consisted of negative AISF in the second stage. A substantial overall reduction in manufacturing time was observed. The hybrid process for studying improved surface finish consisted of, on the other hand, positive AISF in the second stage, in which the experiments were carried out using four different lubricants, namely plain canola oil and three different additives in canola oil, namely, molybdenum disulphide, boric acid and maleic anhydride. The surface topography of the sheet in the two stages of hybrid process was determined using a profilometer. It is found that canola oil with molybdenum disulphide gives the best surface quality.

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