The growth of the elderly population enhances the importance of the quality of the healthcare, which should be administered daily by professionals, whether on a temporary or permanent basis. A core issue to take into account, in this context, is the characterization of these services, especially their adaptation to the specific needs of the bedridden people. In doing so, the quality of life of caregivers, in what concerns facilitating their daily tasks, is also taken into account. A questionnaire was developed to gather information allowing the characterization of both needs and gaps in healthcare identifying the particularities and necessities of the provided services. The questionnaire focuses on three targets: the bedridden characterization, the permanent caregiver and the non-permanent caregiver. The study is descriptive and exploratory, contemplating a quantitative approach. The main objective of the study is to define the important areas worthy of attention, to protect the healthcare of caregivers in the utilization of devices and to be able to build products without structural problems, thus, creating better condition of life and offer solutions in some contexts and tasks, such as, comfort, hygiene and safety.

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