The ball end magnetorheological finishing (BEMRF) is an advanced nanofinishing process for flat, curved and freeform surfaces of ferromagnetic as well as diamagnetic materials. While finishing copper (diamagnetic material) by this process, a low finishing effect is obtained as its surface repels the externally applied magnetic field. In this work a magnetic simulation is carried out over both copper and ferromagnetic material. For the ferromagnetic material the simulation result shows a high flux density region below the tool tip. However in case of copper the magnetic flux density is too low for finishing. It is also observed through simulations that when copper workpiece is placed on a mild steel base the flux density improves marginally. This led to the idea of using a permanent magnet (in place of mild steel) as a base for finishing of copper using the BEMRF process. Using this technique copper was finished and the experimental results indicate that this method can realize ultra-precision finishing of copper.

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