Nowadays, there are more works focused on the design and implementation of space mechanics under harsh environmental conditions, such as absence of a gravitational field. Precisely, the reliability and life of space mechanical components is still not adequate. Therefore, the deep-space exploration brings a challenge on lubrication system of space equipment. Centrifugal lubricators, oozing flow lubricators, wick feed systems and porous lubricant reservoirs are most common liquid lubrication systems used in space devices. But the oil amount is not sufficient. Additionally, it is needed to develop efficient supplementary lubrication systems to achieve future long-term space missions since the lacking of oil. In this paper, we propose liquid lubricating bearing system with built-in oil storage chamber for conquering lacking of oil. We also build the theoretical models for through vibration displacement and frequency of rolling element, bending deformation and vibration frequency of the elastomeric shaft, and the radiation energy of chamber’s inner surface respectively. These models are evaluated by numerical simulations. We tested and measured some parameters of oil flowing in system. The simulation and experimental results indicate that, 1) the rolling element has a through vibration displacement when bearing running; 2) the micro deformation and vibration of the elastomeric shaft are caused by the through vibration displacement; 3) the vibration energy of elastomeric shaft is transmitted to lubricating oil stored in chamber. Overall, the oil could be supplied to bearing race and friction surface through connecting oil hole drilled in the elastomeric shaft. The oil flowing performance varies with the diameter and inclination angle of the connecting oil hole.

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